Free Books!

Ok, don’t get all excited or anything, but there is a box of books in front of my street-level apartment with the word “free” on it. Ever since I moved here six months ago, there have been 2 boxes of books that I no longer want or need, taking up space in my stairwell. Today, as I sat in my porch chair with my coffee and the book I am currently reading (“Wicked Business” by Janet Evanovich), I thought, it’s a nice day, no rain. Why not try to give some books away. There is a lot of foot traffic out there. Who knows?

Of course, there is a reason I no longer want or need these books. Most of them I have had taking up space on my book shelves since I learned to read, some 50 years ago. And almost all were owned before I came across them. Yes, they’re old…and dusty. They are a variety of subjects. We have gothic novels by Victoria Holt, first edition Nancy Drew (no dust covers, alas), “The Five Peppers and How They Grew,” as well as “The Five Peppers all Grown Up.” There is even a Bible. I decided that since I no longer consider myself a Christian, there’s really no reason for me to own 432 Bibles, right?

Anyway, if you are in the vicinity of Broadway & Yesler in Seattle, Washington, and you love old books, regardless of subject matter, come take a look.