A visit to Middle Earth

I finally got around to purchasing the extended editions of all three Lord of the Rings movies. They are two discs each, so I have thus far watched The Fellowship of the Ring, one disc on Thursday, the second disc this morning. I love the extended edition. The previously cut scenes add so much. Before today, I don’t think I ever cried when Boromir died. But that might be because I now equate the actor with Ned Stark, and I definitely cried when he died. I actually plan to watch all of the extra commentary that came with these movies. If I wasn’t so old and decrepit, and if I had the funds, I would definitely go to New Zealand. The views in these movies are simply breathtaking. I can’t wait for the release of The Hobbit.

I am currently rereading The Simarillion. The Middle Earth background fresh in my mind makes the movies even more poignant. Now I want to reread the trilogy for the umpteenth time. Middle Earth, here I come.